Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Titan playing with our young children

Titan is 7 months old in this photo and loves to snuggle with our 2 year old. They are real best buds!

You can see that although he has big claws he never uses them on people and is very gentle with our kids. Anytime they want to play he wants to play. Titan was 5 months old in this photo.
Even our 12 year old stays entertained by our gentle giant.

Supremes and Savannahs in the News

A very cool news story on A1 Savannahs the breeder and creator of the A1 Supremes:

Check out the video here

A few misc. pics of young Titan his first month home with our family - Pictures speak a thousand words

Titan was between 2-3 months old in these photos.. You can see how much he has grown in later posts..

Titan plays well with others

We are also fortunate to have another amazing Savannah cat "Twister" who is a lower percentage f4 from the awesome A1 Savannahs. He and Titan are best buds and Titan treats him like a son.